Fluffy Placeholder

Yesterday, I clicked a link that landed me on this blog, on my blog, and about gave myself an anxiety attack with the first blog title I saw. (Which is the last post. Which I know is a past issue. So how must people feel who don’t know that when they see the title as soon as they get here?)

And I realised it’s been a while since I really did anything but Not Ashamed posts. Not because I don’t have ideas, but because I’ve been really busy doing revisions on a book I’m writing (sci-fi, since that’s the first thing people ask about) and working on a poetry project and on Varnish and on another, secret-ish music project and so forth.

But today is the day I take a rest before I do a quick edit pass on the book before handing it off to some readers. And I have loads and loads to do, but…I was in the shower and I kept thinking about how it felt to click over and see the previous blog title.

So this is a fluffy placeholder to spare you that shock.

And this is a fluffy placeholder to promise I’ve got less intense, though not necessarily all entirely frivolous, posts in mind. Some as not-intense as a post on what I mean when I say I like pretty boys or one after a “who do I look like” discussion or one on what I mean when I say I like glam rock and want to do a glam rock album or…well, listen, there’s a whole list.

Playing with glam rock looks
Glam albums need personas!

And this is a fluffy placeholder because I know I have new readers and I wouldn’t want you to get the mistaken impression that I’m a totally serious person (or that I’m a grown up or anything like that). If you just see me here, you don’t probably see the silliness (side-by-side with plenty of political and social issue reposting, of course) that goes on on the Varnish Twitter or on my Tumblr. You don’t know that I’m a complete sucker for cat gifs or that I will spontaneously dance around dramatically to the least-serious of pop music sometimes. You don’t know that I’m lamenting the fact my favourite Really Bright Blue eye shadow is running low and has been discontinued and how am I going to get the sparkly oceany mermaid-drowning-in-stars look that I created and love so much? Or that, last round of revisions, I ate loads and loads of biscuit (aka cookie) dough because it was stupid hot here and I didn’t want to take time out from writing to figuring food. Or blah blah blah.

Me in silly hats
This is as grown up as I get most days…

gif: cat jumps kid
Okay, and here’s a cat gif I giggle at for minutes at a time.

I’m plenty serious and intense, but I’m not all that all the time. And I promise that I’m working on posts other than the Not Ashamed ones. Those are just the ones on a schedule so that I more easily make myself make time for them around other stuff. Some of you prefer me serious…so I hope you’ve enjoyed it. Because I really, really want to write something more fun for me to write. I’m about to ruin the flow for you. Woohoo!