Pulling the Pieces Together

It’s not easy to have a torn-up heart.

cat & amber shadows

The pieces are scattered, part here, part there.  They fly to different corners: this one to the solid comfort of home, this one to the shore of the Sound, multiple fragments zooming through galaxies and promises of more, always more.  There’s too much.  Rest is not an option.  Instead, the heart-shards are forced to wander where they will, taking up small residences in this corner of a film strip, the curl of a frosting knife, a paragraph in a book, the one chord going into the bridge.  The wrinkles that call out home to these nomads have no discerning principle, no connective tissue, just the vague sense of “huh, that’s interesting.”

cat & amber - spoilt space princesses

Most Worlds is dedicated to the homes of our heart.  Some are established, some are new discoveries (after all, in the search for what calls to us, anything’s game), and some are just joyful.  It was crafted in the depths of the EMP/SFM in Seattle, a perfect place for reality and imagination to intertwine and lead to new perception (and to take the three photos you see here).  We wandered through a digital paradise, videos screaming at us with their creativity, and thought, “This is just too good.”* We can’t stay silent.

amber & cat rock out

Join us in exploring the ins and outs of our fancies, rocket with our heart ships as we continue traversing these worlds.

About Cat:
Cat is a teacher, a writer, a cynical idealist and admirer of all art forms.  Lover of TV and sandwiches.  Intrigued by conspiracy and enthralled by the past.  Terrified of the robot rebellion, but can’t escape her smartphone.

About Amber:amber
Amber isn’t always sure she’s comfortable with being human. She’s a musician, a writer, and a scifi girl who’s constantly on the lookout for a good meal and an escape hatch (books, music, and assorted screens are regularly put to the task). She’s both too serious and perpetually silly. She favours the casual and softens the formal with glitter. Everything’s better with glitter…

Why Blue?

* Except for Kanye. Fuck that guy.