Themed Headers

Now that we’re moved on…
Now that there’s no risk we’ll need to reuse a past header and amaze you with my awesome graphics skills…
I thought I’d create a page to show you the header we had for each theme. Cat thought that was a good idea. So, page!

I couldn’t say exactly why I thought each month needed a slightly changed graphic, but I kind of enjoyed doing it.

February 2015: Glam


March 2015: Aliens

Banner with spaceships (for Aliens month)

April 2015: Vampires


May 2015: Time Travel

2015-05mostworlds-header copy

June 2015: Serial Killers

We shut things down before we actually did our posts, but I’d created all my articles and was narrowing down header design. Here were my top two unfinished drafts.


January 2016: David Bowie

From the start, we’d planned to have David Bowie as our theme for January 2016. As if me finding ways to bring him into every other month wasn’t enough. (It wasn’t.) I never actually finished the header, but I started working on it. And I’m drafting this page whilst still seriously mourning his loss, so I’m going to show you something unfinished…because there’s no such thing as enough Bowie. These were the top three unfinished drafts.



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