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For the most part, as tends to happen, the so-called end of glam didn’t really mean the end of glam. Whilst it’s not as visible and obvious a genre as it was in its heyday, it has left its glittery fingerprints on the world. As you might guess, we’re not sad about that. However, we’ve got some things we wish had stuck around more visibly or changes we wish glam had more effectively made on this pale blue dot of a planet.

Amber’s Top Five

  • David Bowie (then) and Tilda Swinton (now), with matching adrogynous looksMakeup on males (and not just in the context of goths or performers). Yeah, I might have a thing for that…
  • Fewer societally-imposed hangups about gender (especially about whether something is a boy thing or a girl thing). Like it? Then wear it or do it or be it, societal constructs be damned.
  • Rockstars with alien personae. Maybe, if you could just admit it’s a persona, you could be more fun outside of work. Just, y’know, don’t forget who you really are…
  • The abolishment of “guilty pleasures” in favour of just owning your pleasures, hedonism optional.
  • Fewer people who think that becoming an adult means giving up on the magic and mystery in life. (But, if you’re done with your magic and mystery, I’ll take it. I’ve got a hoard!)

Cat’s Top Five


  • Thought put into elaborate presentation of music.  I’m all for a stripped down studio session–some of the best musical experiences come from that–but there’s something to be said for bands that put forethought into how people will view/interact with the music.  As an experience, not just entertainment.  And yes, I know that dumb ol’ Kanye West is trying to bring the artistic vision back into the music, but his just drag on and on and ooonnn.  We covered that in our intro.  But other than that, in general, bring on the sets, the costumes the pathos!  I want production!
  • The glam rock attitude.  You know, that attitude that says “I am what I am, and you can shove it.”  The attitude that is so similar to punk, but with added layers of magic and art, and somehow an even deeper level of not giving a fig what other people think.  Punk is in your face.  Glam is outside the sphere, so far away from caring about your face that the faceness doesn’t even register.
  • Danceable songs.  A show without dancing–or music you can dance to–is barely a show at all.
  • The mythologies.  This is along the same lines as alien persona, but wider.  An act, album, or tour that surrounds around an elaborate history created for the music and the person.  It adds an art to the experience that makes it even more immersive for the giddy fans.
  • The acceptance of magic within reality.  Amber said it best, but keeping not just a sense of wonder but the practice of wonder, the active implementation of magic, is something we could use more of today.

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