Put the Lime in the Coconut in my Mouth

For as long as I’ve been paying attention, Cupcake Royale‘s April Fools joke is to bring out the Compost Cupcake. And, apparently, it is a real cupcake that some people actually enjoy, so it is really and truly and actually their usual April flavour of the month. I don’t recall what that cupcake is like, but I do recall that, at least the one time I read the description, it did not sound appealing to me. (Though Cat has pointed me at the description for this year, which sounds mostly good, so perhaps I don’t know what I’m talking about.) As April approached, I confess that I had some slight dread over having to try this cupcake. (The version my brain told me was real. Not the version currently posted on their site.) You can imagine my relief when, instead, the following cupcake was posted as their April flavour of the month.

Toasted Coconut Lime Cupcake
Toasted Coconut Lime CupcakeAvailable April only – Coconut cake gets a tart and tangy swirl of real lime buttercream. Finished with toasted coconut.

Amber: Cut in half, this cupcake looks lovely and spongy and light. I’m more excited than I thought I’d be for something with no chocolate. It’s lovely that they use coconut shavings and not the cheap stuff that you’ll find at my flat. As usual, the buttercream frosting proportions look good. Now, to put it in my mouth…Oh my stars. It is, indeed, lovely and spongy and light. And the lime is a bright burst of flavour. There’s nothing overwhelming here. The coconut is subtle. Yes, I love the flavour of this cupcake. I might like more coconut flavour, but I don’t need it. As it is, and whilst it’s not the sort of bold and stand-out flavour that I’m likely to pine over when the month is ended, this is delightful. I would like to eat about a million more right now, please.

Cat: I think Cupcake Royale is trying to make up for February’s overload, because, ever since, they’ve had flavors that feel specifically geared towards my tastes. Fluffy mint and chocolate? Don’t mind if I do. Coconut cake? Well sure, of course. Lime frosting? TAKE ALL MY MONEY, YOU NOW OWN MY TASTE BUDS. I was actually nervous to taste this cake, along the same lines of my nerves with last month’s Samoa cupcake, because it was so much of what I like it was doomed to fail, right? Wrong. This was delicious and delicate and owned up to everything I wanted it to be.

Like Amber noted, the cake was a lovely sponge, most similar to the buttercake base of CR’s Lavender Cupcake. There might be a coconut twinge to the cake itself, though, if so, it’s too subtle for my palate. Which is not a slight—the cake is delicious and doesn’t make me feel over-indulgent. It’s just not smacking me in the face with tropical sensations. The coconut love comes mostly in the form of the thick-cut coconut shreds on top. What a delight to look upon something that bears a resemblance to the actual source food. No flitty slivers of spun sugar disguised as coconut for these folks! But the lime frosting. Oh, the lime frosting. It’s slaying me. The frosting carries the lion’s share of the cupcake flavor, and it does it in such a way that I want to treat it real nice, if you’re catching my drift. It’s a pure lime flavor, not diluted or a false, electric green copycat (I might be betraying my bitterness at whatever lime syrup they use in the magic multi-flavor Coke dispensers, but, good news: that mysterious radioactive flavoring is nowhere to be seen in this cupcake). It makes me think of summer, of long drives with the windows down, of music, of joy, and I want all my food slathered in this frosting from now on.

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