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It’s crazy how life can change in just a few months. When we started this blog (planning began early January 2015), we had some clear objectives. We also had more free time. In March, things changed for both of us.

Things got crazy busy in our lives. We now consider ourselves lucky if we have a moment to sit and actually enjoy the media we’re writing about or to even just regularly get sufficient sleep. We are, as it were, in demand. Which is cool, but also means that the time we should spend on Most Worlds is often painfully hard to come by.

Similarly, the clear objectives we hoped to achieve, the holes we were filling in our lives in terms of using our talents and exploring our passions…The universe, by way of how we are now in demand, handed us more than enough opportunities to do all that.

Though nothing else has shown up to make sure we’re eating those cupcakes…Work on that, Universe.

We made plans for June and started drafting some posts, but we see now we can’t do June justice, and we’d rather not end up just flakily fading out. We had planned this to go on for years, and maybe we’ll be back, but it looks like our initial run is just going to be 4 months.

(But, hey, if someone wants to bring us on their payroll to keep this going, we’re open to considering that once we close out on some of the other projects that popped up in the last few months. Maybe make this more of us taking a holiday than us shutting things down.)

We’re sincerely grateful to you for reading, and we hope to be back someday. Either way, you can find us other places…writing and (in my case) making music. You’re welcome to join us Other Places.

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