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Count Chocula cereal box This month, we’ve covered films, TV, and books. But we also really love other things, like music, food, and games. And vampires have touched everything they could in our cultures. They’re not just limited to the fancies of goth kids or horror lovers. They even end up as breakfast cereals for innocent little human children to stuff in their faces whilst puppets teach them to count.

Sesame Street's The CountAs previously mentioned, I had a recurring dream about vampires when I was 3 years old. Not a nightmare, but a dream that I enjoyed. And I don’t know why it mattered to tiny me, but it did. Whilst my peers all through childhood feared vampires, I was intrigued and attracted. I ate that stuff up. Films, books, games, TV programmes, toys, breakfast cereal. And, of course, music.

But before we get to the music, we really do need to touch on gaming. Because I was raised on tabletop role playing games. Yes, like Dungeons and Dragons. And, though we haven’t yet talked about it, games of various sorts are one kind of escapism I enjoy, one way I like to find new worlds to be in. So you can imagine my joy when White Wolf came out with rules for a game that would let me play a vampire. Though I spent time revelling in the goth scene, I never felt right being one of the kids who pretended, in that context, to be a vampire. Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition Storyteller's Screen (an assortment of vampires look out menacingly)But in the context of gaming…Yeah! I was going to play vampires! Assorted vampires so that I could try different powers and flaws. And when they put out rules so that I could LARP (that’s live action role playing…like improv acting without an audience), I did that too. No shame.

Vampires are everywhere. Even, some evenings, in the park near your home, the meeting room at your place of employ, the red brick square in front of your university library. And, yes, definitely in your music. Not just your goth music, either.

Feel free to start the playlist of assorted, mostly-not-goth songs about vampires that I’ve created and embedded below. But do read the little more I’ve written, okay?

Animated gif of the sax player from Lost BoysThinking about vampires in music, my brain pulled out two categories that seemed relevant. Both are reflected in the varied but not comprehensive playlist that you’ve got playing now. One category is, obviously, songs about vampires. But vampires have also brought us great music via soundtracks. I’m definitely not claiming that all vampire film soundtracks are good, but some of my favourite films also produced great soundtracks (even if not every track is a winner or not every image of them is truly cool…I’m looking at you, Lost Boys sax guy). I’ve tossed a track each from a handful of them onto the playlist, which isn’t nearly enough. Please hunt down at least the following films’ soundtracks:

  • Lost Boys
  • Only Lovers Left Alive
  • The Hunger
  • Wir sind die Nacht

(Whilst, as noted earlier this month, we didn’t love Coppola’s Dracula, I included the Annie Lennox song from its soundtrack in the playlist. Best thing to come out of that film for me. Only good thing about trying to force it into that love story plot…)

Here’s your playlist. Thanks for taking this little tour this month through one of my favourite things!

Bloodlust (Most Worlds April 2015 Mix) from amberrockstar on 8tracks Radio.

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