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About Amber Bird

Press Kit

Photo by Jesse Means

Amber Bird is...A writer, a rockstar, and a sci-fi simulacrum...The author of the Peaceforger books (gripping near-future sci-fi), a published poet, the front of post-punk/post-glam band Varnish, and half of transatlantic Autistic musical duo The Companions...An Autistic introvert, an idealist, a geek, and a dreamer who was (and still is) saved by others’ art and is trying to return the favor...A lapsed actor and, yes, the model for that Magic card.

Elves of Deep Shadow Magic Card

Heeding advice like “write what you know” and “write the book your younger self needed,” Amber’s current and planned books all have main characters who are Autistic, queer, and women/girls or non-binary. And many of them won’t use just violence or STEM-based solutions to resolve everything. (Sci-fi and fantasy give us the opportunity to remember that many kinds of people have something to add and in many different ways.)

Amber is fine with any pronouns. Mortal gender concepts are just a mess...