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About Amber Bird

Press Kit

Photo by Jesse Means

Amber Bird is a writer, a rockstar, and a sci-fi simulacrum. She is the author of science fiction book Peace Fire, the front of post-punk/post-glam band Varnish, and an unabashed geek. An Autistic introvert who found that music, books, and gaming saved her in many ways throughout her life, she writes (books, poems, lyrics, blogs) and makes music in hopes of adding to someone else's escape or rescue. And, yes, she was on that Magic card.

Elves of Deep Shadow Magic Card

Amber also has a background in theatre, where her ability to speak loudly (honed in her early childhood when she was legally deaf) served her well. Her time in theatre gave her a solid foundation for her musical career, as well as for figuring out how to pretend to be a typical and functional human being.

She loves dramatic appearances (but calm lives), glitter, men who wear makeup (she credits her very early exposure to the incredible David Bowie for that...and so much more), cats, stars (the shape and the ones in space), and more things than can be reasonably stuffed into a bio. She has transitioned from being owned by her depression to letting it sit beside a genuine core of love and light. And she doesn't really care if she seems less cool for it. (She is probably too busy laughing at her own silliness or being intense about some topic of interest to even notice her loss of coolness.)

Drawing of Amber looking dramatic

Amber has paid bills by being an ice cream scooper (in a pink top and blusher), an admin (in an unconvincing and uncomfortable Professional Person costume), and a technical writer and editor (in pyjamas). This was all far short of her dreams to be an astronaut, a secret agent, or a fashion designer. Fortunately, there's still hope for her dreams of being a famous rockstar and author. (Which is almost as cool as a crime-fighting rockstar scientist...)

She also thinks there might be hope for some cool cyberwear or vacations to the moon in her future (go, science, go!), whilst simultaneously fearing that humanity will destroy itself and/or the planet before she has a chance. (She has a lot of feelings and opinions about how people treat each other, animals, and the planet.)

Amber tries to regularly, publicly acknowledge that being friends or more with an artist who's working hard to produce worthy words and music isn't easy. She's wildly grateful for the friends and family who easily forgive long absences or the times she has to pause a social interaction to jot down new creative ideas. Wildly grateful for those few who have actively encouraged and supported her in pursuing her passions. Wildly grateful for those treasures who inspired her or taught her the things that make her better.

Fortunately, art exists, so she has somewhere to aim her massive emotions and noisy brain.