Crazy for You

It turns out, I go a bit crazy sometimes. Shocking…I know.

Right now, I’m thinking about the kind of crazy I go when it’s been too long since I’ve played a show.

Me and my crazy face
No. Seriously. Cray-cray, as the kids say…


I go to see other people play shows and I have this envy that creeps up the back of my legs.

I dance to other people’s music and wish it were mine.

I want to be on the other side of the mics and set lists.

I want to be the one sharing things that would be considered inappropriate to share publicly if they weren’t in lyrics. (Though maybe our social media-saturated lives have removed all those barriers…)

I want to be the one that maybe, just maybe, is making people Feel and making them want to dance.

And practising with the band won’t scratch the itch.

And loudly singing along with any music I know, in the living room or the car or the club, won’t scratch the itch.

And karaoke just won’t scratch the itch.

Oh, it’s a partial scratching. You get up and you sing and people cheer.

But it’s like scratching right by the itch…An itch I can’t quite reach that way.

Life right now is full of really important questions about how to stave off homelessness for this little household, how to eat in a way that will make for the happiest and healthiest me (and will banish some Issues that have been lingering), and other stuff that is “more important.” But what I think about, if I let my mind go where it wants, is music.

I look at pics from past gigs. I ponder set lists. I wonder when the newest song will be ready to add into the set list. And I ache for a whole, functioning, awesome band to do that with.

I don’t know who you are, but you are out there. Maybe I already know you and/or you already know about Varnish. Maybe you (sadly) don’t even know I exist yet. Either way, I’m chomping at the bit. Let’s move forward. Let’s charge ahead! You, me, us, music. Now. Please.

And if you, reader, aren’t that “you” above, what is it you’re charging toward?


(Yeesh, speaking of crazy…the weekend was a bit short on sleep and I was, as those who interacted with me will happily attest, stupid tired. Stupid. Tired. The “stupid” part includes not clicking to publish this Saturday. I think all the not gigging has impacted my memory and ability to function….haha)