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Peace Fire

(Peaceforgers: Book One)

Peace Fire cover: a silhouette with a red flare in the middle, in front of and a large, round, metallic shape

"A smart, fun, fierce tale of geek revolution and high-stakes adventure."
    -Ernest Cline, bestselling author of Ready Player One and Armada

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In 2050, the world is a little denser, a little greyer, and a little more firmly under the corporate thumb. Wriggling carefully under that thumb, in their dimly lit flats, Katja and her friends have tended to walk the fine line between cyber criminals and cyber crusaders. For them, no physical reality compares to their lives built on lines of aggressive code.

But then somebody blows up the office where Katja is pretending to be a well-behaved wage slave and jolts them into the concrete and clouds of corporeal Seattle. Of brains infiltrated by a clandestine threat.

Can a handful of digital warriors win a war that stretches into the world on the flesh and blood side of their computer screens?

Your brain needs a firewall

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(Prefer to avoid quite a lot of swearing? You want the Radio Edit!)

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